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It has been 25 years and this happily married couple hasn’t missed a beat! A loving and devoted husband, he is about to surprise his wife with a lovely little bouquet to say “thanks” for her years of encouragement. Together they are a thoughtful anniversary present to honor a special couple’s silver anniversary. Meticulously hand painted and crafted of fine bisque porcelain, it is the perfect 25th anniversary gift! Approximately 5.5 inches high.

Twenty-five years of marriage have passed, and this happily married couple still loves to share a dance – and he is even going to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers!
An endearing way to honor a silver anniversary; inspiring the recollections of the happiest moments of their 25 years together
Give this anniversary present to a spouse or a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary
Bisque porcelain, meticulously hand painted
Approximately 5.5 inches high

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